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ESH Custom Calls has entrusted Weicks Media with marketing their business through digital marketing, web design, website management, packaging design, and more.

At Weicks Media we take pride in managing everything for ESH Custom Calls from analytics to website management to designing their packaging.

Services we provide for ESH Custom Calls …

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Marketing Material Designs
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Website Design

At ESH Custom Calls we are hunters just like you and we know the frustration of products that don’t work or give out half way thru the season. That is why our hand built calls are backed with our 100% money back guarantee and our lifetime warranty so this season you can go out and enjoy your hunt. It’s the guts inside our Pot call that delivers hen sounds like no other. It’s the hand stretch of the latex that gives our mouth calls the realistic hen sounds. Pot calls are finished with a life time sealer, protecting your call from harsh conditions and Mother natures many tricks. We control the quality from start to finish for consistency like no other. We provide a call that gives you the edge and less unsuccessful mornings in the field.

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Digital Marketing

While a part of digital marketing is website, there is many other opportunities to capture clients digitally these days.  From social media to email marketing and strategically placed advertisements. Our goal is to inform new clients of the amazing hunting opportunities at NPO, as well re-engaging the past clientele to continue their patronage of NPO.  We conceptualize all newsletters and graphic advertisements throughout the year for NPO.

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Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power and knowing what your website is doing for you is key to success when it comes to online marketing. We emphasis on keeping our clients up to date with their current standing when it comes to their marketing. We achieve this through our reporting and analytics.

Each month we discuss with our clients where their are currently at, what we project is possible in the upcoming months and what strategies should be implement for success. With the monthly communication we feel that our clients have a better grasp what currently happening, but as well they know what they are investing in.

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Client: ESH Custom Calls

Industry: Turkey Calls

Company Summary: ESH Custom Calls was founded from a passion for hunting the elusive wild turkeys. ESH experienced the wild turkey calls in many states and designed his own line of high-end custom calls that helps solve your challenge of calling in your elusive turkey. Each call is carved to perfection, sealed in a lifetime sealer, hand assembled, and hand tested to give you a call that sounds like a real turkey every time. We know the importance of hitting every note like a real hen to trick that smart gobbler and that is why you can put your trust in ESH Custom Calls.

Other Services: Website Design – Website Management – Packaging Design – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Marketing Materials

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