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GO Wild Camo Project

With so much competition in the camouflage apparel industry, it seemed difficult to make GO Wild Camo stand on its own. Weicks Media took the challenge and has since then gained social media followers on all their networks and expanded their reach. We have also begun managing their website to make sure GO Wild Camo was at a quality standard for all its customers.

Services we provide for GO Wild Camo …

  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design
  • Website Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Photography
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Website Design

When competing with in the apparel industry it is crucial to make that first impression a great experience for your consumers. While the GO Wild Camo website was functional, the user experience was lacking visually engaging aspects and clients found it hard to navigate. After starting on their marketing project we started to see traffic numbers increase but the hold time on the website was severely lacking. This is when we decided to change up the design and platform.

With a simple responsive website design upgrade and update to photography and graphics, we have seen consumers spending more time on the website. Additionally we have seen these consumers visiting more pages, which also has resulted in higher sales on the website.

GO Wild Camo website design
Reports and Analytics for clients
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Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power and knowing what your website is doing for you is key to success when it comes to online marketing. We put emphasis on keeping our clients up to date with their current standing when it comes to their marketing. We achieve this through our reporting and analytics.

Each month we discuss with our clients where they’re currently at, what we project is possible in the upcoming months and what strategies should be implement for success. With the monthly communication we feel that our clients have a better grasp what currently happening, but as well they know what they are investing in.

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Website Management

One of the biggest issues GO Wild faced was their web traffic had vanished and they had become impossible to find online. By making a few corrections, Weicks Media was able to put a bandaid on the situation. Once this was accomplished, we were able to turn our focus into developing a new website; one that GO Wild had dreamed of. Weicks Media was able to clean up the purchase funnel to make the shopping experience more user-friendly for consumers, while focusing on the strong branding points that GO Wild wants to be known for. GO Wild uses their website to not only sell products, but to educate consumers about their story and to track 100% of their inventory. With the new website built, Weicks Media and GO Wild have been able to focus on building a digital budget and marketing their quickly growing brand!

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Go Wild Social Media and Marketing

Social Media

GO Wild is a new clothing and camo company who was off to a great start and hit a few hiccups along the way. After seeing a decline in sales, online visits and Social Media, GO Wild hired Weicks Media to get them back on track. Weicks Media began with getting the activity back on Social Media. The following was small, but reach was nonexistent. Through a well laid out plan, Weicks Media has helped to get GO Wild back on course.  GO Wild’s social following continues to grow but more importantly is engaging with the brand and we are seeing that reflect in visits to the website and ultimately in sales! Once the new site was completed, Weicks Media has worked with GO Wild to create a digital budget to drive traffic and ultimately sales. The results have been outstanding so far!

GO Wild Camo apparel on father and son hunting
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Anyone has the ability take a photo these days by using their phone. However capturing images that are captivating to your clients takes a trained eye and quality equipment. We focus on providing our clients with professional photography services, placing their products in real time lifestyle situations. By visually placing consumers in these real life situations, it allows the consumer to make quicker decisions in to potentially buying your product. Great photography produces great results!

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Client: GO Wild Camo

Industry: Hunting Apparel

Company Summary: When searching for camouflage, quality should come first. GO Wild Camo has been in the business of making durable camouflage for 30 years. They understand what it takes to have the best camo on the market and will deliver nothing less than the best for you and your hunting needs!

Website Address: https://gowildcamo.com/

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