Website Design

Websites are where your customers can get more detailed information about you and are a real chance to show off your brand. E Commerce is rapidly becoming the choice method of shopping for customers around the world and you don't want to be missing out on those sales. Going even a step further is realizing that a huge number of your customers are now shopping from their mobile devices, yet so many websites are not mobile responsive. Our focus is building high quality, high functioning websites that are user friendly.

So many people want to have a very expensive, very fancy website, and while we can do that, building a website that is user friendly with quality information, quality photos and quality videos will be much more effective and affordable. Remember, your website is your chance to stand out and help a customer make a purchase or reach out to you. Don't lose them by making your site overwhelming with complicated items that are rarely used! Weicks Media will not only build your site but we will offer reports that give you in depth details about your visitors activities, habits and demographics!

Use your website to not only sell but gain customer information to make your marketing much more effective! This can all be done at a cost much less that you might expect! Contact us today for a free consultation!