Reporting & Analytics

Understanding Analytics

We have a firm understanding that a business thrives on numbers. Our team prides itself on delivering you the analytics of our services every month, for your company. Having concrete numbers and a full picture of where you are at, gives you the ability to measure your success.  With our reporting and analytics, your company will be able to make better business decisions. Better business decisions can equate to increased profit. We are here to work for you and help you grow your company.

Our goal is to give you the confidence you deserve, based around evidence that we can help improve sales within the industry. With the help of Google Analytics, we will ensure you get the information that you need to grow your business monthly.

understanding your growth through

Reports & Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • BigCommerce Insights
  • Instagram Insights

Reports & Analytics

Does your current provider communicate with you?

Quit feeling in the dark about how your digital marketing is performing. With the professionals at Weicks Media, we continually update our clients on their progress and how the can look to improve their growth. Contact our team for a free consultation on how we can help YOU!

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