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Located in the heartland of the United States in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Weicks Media focuses on working with clients to meet their diverse and ever changing needs. We bring together decades of experience in the marketing, social media and the web development world. Let’s face it, we certainly live in a digital world! For example, customers are constantly on their phones or their computers, shopping, buying and looking for product information. Meanwhile, we can help revive your existing brand or help you build your brand from the infancy stage. We are here to maximize your digital footprint. Above all, no matter the size of your company, you’ll never question what Weicks Media is doing for you.

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Weicks Media – Talents Behind Our Success

Weicks Media team CEO and Sales
Andy Weichers
CEO - Sales
Ray Page Headshot
Ray Page
VP of Marketing
Weicks Media Team Member Amanda
Amanda Weichers
Human Resources
Jen Headshot
Jennifer Long
Dan Yap Headshot
Dan Yap
Web Developer
Jayne Levi
Jayne Levi
Project Manager
Jenni Jarrell - Weicks Media
Jenni Jarrell
Sales Executive
Lizzie Dobson - Weicks Media
Lizzie Dobson
Wordpress & SEO Specialist
Victoria Chihak - Weicks Media
Victoria Chihak
Office Manager/Client Success Coordinator
Weicks Media team member Mike
Mike Miller
Weicks Media team office dog

Our E-Commerce Clients

Our Outfitter Clients

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