Andy Mullinex

Born and raised in Iowa, Andy is a seasoned marketing executive with over 2 decades of experience in marketing strategy, sales, SEO, digital marketing, client relations, and brand development. At Weicks Media, he manages the day-to-day operations and has the privilege of leading one of the most talented creative and development teams in the industry.  As an avid outdoorsman and motorcycle enthusiast, he spends his time in the woods, camping, working on firearms, or exploring new destinations on two wheels.  Andy is also a co-founder and board member of a non-profit organization designed to promote conservation, education, and the development of our natural resources and publicly accessible infrastructure.


    Weicks Media is the nations leading marketing agency for the outdoors. From hunting products and services to digital solutions for outfitters and guides.

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    4426 Butterfield Rd

    Cedar Falls, IA 50613




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