Dan Yap

Dan comes to Weicks Media with 6+ years of front-end web development experience. Since graduating from the University of Chicago, Dan has been involved with tech startups, marketing for large national brands, and imparting his website building skills to a countless number of client sites. He likes to refer to himself as a “professional” — meaning whatever you want on your website… he gets it done. His favorite part about working at Weicks Media is building things for a cool industry and the occasional Weicks team adventure outing. As he puts it, he can get behind any team that brings an Asian boy to a NASCAR race!

When Dan isn’t developing websites for our Weicks Media clients, he enjoys biking, lifting at the gym, learning more about code, and becoming the very best (like no one ever was) Pokémon Go player around. Seriously, ask him about his shiny collection.


    Weicks Media is the nations leading marketing agency for the outdoors. From hunting products and services to digital solutions for outfitters and guides.

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