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The services we provide our clients help them to succeed.  That’s why at Weicks Media our main focus is on our clients. Through our services, we can help expand their business to new horizons. Weicks Media offers a wide array of services and we sit down with each client to tailor a package that best fits their business goals and more importantly, their budget.

Website Design:

Your website is the center of your business. This is where clients typically discover or research your brand, product or services. It becomes the heart of your business and can make or break your impression upon clients. With a clean, responsive and functioning website, you are sure to leave a lasting impression that will result in sales. This is where we can help most of our clients. Through website design, we can help capture the audience, tell a story and convert those clients into sales.

Website Management:

Just like your vehicle needs fuel, so does your website. Your website becomes the vehicle to your business sales and having an idle website can slow your business sales down. There are very few of our clients that want to learn or have the time needed to work on their own website. Because of that, we offer monthly website management packages to help keep your website running at its peak performance. The more active you are on your website, the more fuel you will generate to power your business to the next level.

Reporting and Analytics:

Does your current website marketing agency report back to you every month on the progress of your marketing? At Weicks Media, communication is a big factor in how we cater to our clients. We are continually talking with our clients on a weekly/monthly basis to inform our clients where they are at and what steps we should be taking to get to that next level. During our conversations, we also review your analytics, showing you where your main source of traffic is and where you should look to improve.

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Social Media Management:

Social media is a big part of the industry today. Just like your website, you don’t want to leave your social media outlets stale. At Weicks Media we manage your account for you, ensuring that traffic from your social media page is reaching your target audience and directing the traffic to the proper channels of your website.

Digital Marketing:

Are you missing out on opportunities? Optimizing your digital marketing has been a key component of how our clients succeed. At Weicks Media we offer a variety of services and opportunities for you to take advantage of.  One of these includes marketing your business digitally. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which entails our staff reviewing your analytics and helping you improve your organic listing rankings. In conjunction with SEO, we offer PPC and Adwords management. If your business needs a quick boost in sales, our management of these ads can help drive traffic almost instantly to your website. Other services can include email marketing and social media marketing. Both have proven very successful in generating sales for our clients.

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Featured Project

TruFire is one of our projects at Weicks Media. We were tasked with the objective to boost sales of their product sales digitally through their website. With a strong brand and following in the retail space, the TruFire brand was looking for new opportunities.

In conjunction with the branding of all the FeraDyne product websites, we redesigned the current website to fit the new branding specifications, enhanced the lifestyle photos and graphics on the website, and retrofit the new website with a new mobile responsive website design to ensure we were meeting the needs of those using their devices to shop.

We also are in charge of their social media management. Our service includes creating and delivering social media advertisements and capturing new viewers. On a weekly basis, we handle the posting of photos to the account, answer questions that followers may have and focus on driving more traffic to their website.  To read more about the project, follow the link below.

Website design and management for TruFire

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