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Websites are where your customers get more detailed information about you and is a chance to show off your brand. E-Commerce is rapidly becoming the method of shopping for customers around the world! You don’t want to be missing out on those sales. Going a step further in realizing that a huge number of your customers are now shopping on their mobile devices.  However, so many websites are not mobile responsive. Our focus is on building high quality, high functioning websites through our user-friendly website design.

So many people want to have a very expensive, fancy website, and while we can do that, building a website that is user-friendly with quality information, photos, and videos will be much more effective and affordable.  Remember, your website is your chance to stand out and help a customer make a purchase or reach out to you.  Don’t lose them by making your site overwhelming with complicated items that are rarely used!  Weicks Media will not only build your site but we will offer reports that give you in-depth details about your visitor’s activities, habits, and demographics!

Weicks Media is the industries expert in Outfitter Website Design and Marketing for the outdoor industry. With over 20 years of experience in the outdoor industry, Weicks Media brings all their knowledge and connections to help clients succeed in a very competitive market. From website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to digital marketing on Google and social media platforms, we generate traffic to boost potential lead generation.

Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.

The outdoor and outfitter industry has evolved over the last 5 years. Throughout the evolution of technology, more outfitters and guides are finding their once domination of a market is now in jeopardy by those who optimize their marketing. The days of complete control of the market are gone and now we strategize with the clients on the best use of their digital marketing budgets.

Use your website to not only sell but gain customer information to make your marketing much more effective! This can all be done at a cost much less than you might expect! Contact us today for a free consultation!

Website Design

Why is your website one of the most crucial elements of your marketing? Your website generally is the first thing clients sees. This is your first impression on to your perspective clients and this is why it is important to have your best foot forward. Is your website showcasing your business in the correct way? With the experience from Weicks Media, we know how to showcase your lodge – outfit – or guiding business in the proper manor.

Weicks Media is familiar with a variety of different Management Systems giving us strong hold of experience in the industry.

Why Weicks Media

With so much competition out there why would you choose to work with Weicks Media for your Outfitter Website Design?

With our experience in the market and hunting industry, there are very few marketing firms in the industry that can provide the tools Weicks Media can. We have been on both sides of the fence as a client at one time just like you, to now taking our knowledge to the industry as marketing professionals.

We also strive to make our products the best out there. Check out our portfolio of outfitter websites. We have a wide variety of different designs and templates available and are willing to work with our clients to out preform our competition. We truly are a versatile marketing firm that can handle any project clients want to propose.

RMOOC website design

Commonly Overlooked Features

  • Speed of the Website – does your website take more than 5-10 seconds to load? Think of the times you open multiple tabs when searching – your clients are doing the same. If your website does not load in timely fashion – your losing potential clients.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – Is your website mobile responsive, meaning does it adapt to the size of the screen and device? As our devices change, so do our viewports. Making sure your website is seen in its best through a mobile responsive design is important.
  • Current Information – Is your website up to date? Clients need to either find a easy to use Management System or find a company that works with clients to keep their website up to date. (hint: Weicks Media)
  • Search Engine Optimization – Where are you being found on the internet? Did you know with the competition out there that just having pictures on the internet will not get you leads? Putting time and efforts into your website information can pay off big in the long run.
  • Photography – We are in a visual market now – clients are persuaded by videos and photography. While it is not imperative to have every photo or video professionally shot, having nice clean photos will help you gain that extra step above your competition.

What makes for good Website Design?

What makes for good outfitter website design? Clean – Easy to Navigate – Eye Catching and most of all Easily Adaptable. Together these elements enhance a users experience rather than deter. It has been proven that a longer view time on your website will convert to more lead generation. More leads result in more opportunities to book your season out. On average our clients currently are running a 2:00 – 5:00 minute view time on their site. This number is staggering when thinking of today’s industry and the competition!

pheasant hunting website design


A clean website design honestly means you do not flashy graphics or blaring music to capture your audience. Make it easy for your clients to see your brand, who you are and what you do.  Get the clients comfortable, the more comfortable, the result is more leads.

Outdoor product website design

Easy Navigation

Ever go to a website and find your self-trailing in circles like a lab hunting pheasants? Clients are very quick to judge and if they can not find the information on your website they need, there will be a competitor that does. Make your site easy to navigate you will find better results!

archery products website design

Eye Catching

An eye-catching website gives you a step above the competition. Eye-catching come from a different amount of elements. It could be through color and simple graphics to stunning outdoor photography. This element is what keeps your clients interested and longer view times on your website.

Texas hunting ranches website design

Easily Adaptable

How easy is it to upgrade your website? Change or add features? Pricing tables, video feeds interactive booking software and social feeds are just a few of many features you can add on the fly. If you are running on a custom management system you could be holding your marketing opportunities back. Find a company that can adapt to your business as it grows!

E-Commerce Websites

As a leader in website design for the outdoor products industry we know what it takes to sell your products online. We are trusted by the top brands in the industry to design, manage and market their businesses. Taking them to the next level in digital marketing.

If you are finding that your hunting or fishing product needs a boost, check out our E-Commerce solutions.

FeraDyne Website Designs

Outfitter and Guide Websites

The last thing outfitters and guides need to worry about is their website and digital marketing. At Weicks Media we have gone the extra distance in providing our outfitters and guides with the tools they need to grow their business. However, we also offer packages that leave the marketing to the professionals while you worry about the next hunt.

Check out our outfitter and guide solutions for more information.

outdoor marketing website design
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Featured Project

The Lazy CK Ranch is one of the latest projects at Weicks Media. The Texas Trophy Hunting ranch is world-wide known for its trophy whitetail hunts and fantastic exotic hunting opportunities.

The Lazy CK Ranch had an outdated website, old photography and lack of information. While their business was thriving, they were looking to take their ranch to the next level. Through an onsite marketing plan, it was determined that starting with a newly upgraded website was the first step of many needed to reach the goals of the ranch. We upgraded the website to a new mobile responsive platform, upgraded the content and photography on the website and even enhanced the user experience with a virtual tour.

Now that the website design is complete, there are many more digital marketing opportunities that Weicks Media is implementing to help grow the Lazy CK Ranch.

Lazy CK Ranch website design

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