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Ambush Outdoor Products

Ambush Outdoor Products has selected Weicks to consolidate its marketing communication efforts with primary focus on web management, SEO, hosting, photography, videography, social media management, digital marketing and assistance in all aspects of marketing promotions.

“It’s great to have all our areas of marketing under one roof!” says Ambush Outdoor Products’ director of sales Mike Hilde about the new partnership. “Weicks Media has a team of outdoor enthusiasts who are experts in website development, social media advertising, SEO work, and more. They are the perfect fit to grow the Ambush brand!

Services we provide for Ambush Outdoor Products …

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Marketing Material Designs
  • Social Media Management
Ambush Outdoor Products

Website Design

In the outdoor space, marketing agencies need more than academic marketing skills. Consumers are loyal to the sport, value authenticity, and won’t tolerate marketing that does not fully understand their sport and needs. Ambush Outdoor Products continues to gain market share among the premium hunting-blind contingent due to its purpose-built construction and extreme attention to detail.

“Once you set foot in an Ambush blind you can really tell the difference between them and the competition, and we look forward to introducing their brand to millions of new people this year,” says Andy Weichers, President of Weicks Media. “Ambush’s focus on growing its digital footprint through web and social media-based efforts puts a spotlight on specific demographics that work perfectly with our system. We have mapped out a plan and are excited to begin execution. Ambush is a perfect fit for the Weick’s team!”

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Digital Marketing

While a part of digital marketing is website, there is many other opportunities to capture clients digitally these days.  From social media to email marketing and strategically placed advertisements. Our goal is to inform new clients of the amazing hunting opportunities at NPO, as well re-engaging the past clientele to continue their patronage of NPO.  We conceptualize all newsletters and graphic advertisements throughout the year for NPO.

Weicks Media Digital Marketing Agency
Reports and Analytics for clients
understanding your

Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power and knowing what your website is doing for you is key to success when it comes to online marketing. We emphasis on keeping our clients up to date with their current standing when it comes to their marketing. We achieve this through our reporting and analytics.

Each month we discuss with our clients where their are currently at, what we project is possible in the upcoming months and what strategies should be implement for success. With the monthly communication we feel that our clients have a better grasp what currently happening, but as well they know what they are investing in.

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Client: Ambush Outdoor Products

Industry: Hunting Blinds & Ice Houses

Company Summary: As a high-quality provider of hunting shelter solutions, Ambush offers the best products in terms of scent, sound, and sight management. Ambush shelters utilize their exclusive Durabond Panel System™ where a laminated process bonds multiple solid surfaces to help limit sound and scent dispersion all while keeping the shelters warm and comfortable. Tinted glass on the quiet, and easy-to-use windows along with black carpeted interior reduce the possibility of sight detection while the strongest floor and roof available is durable enough for multiple hunters and significant snow load. Ambush hunting blinds feature no mechanical fasteners in 2.25 inch thick single-piece floor. This special feature eliminates squeaking and other possible floor noises when moving within blind, while adding warmth and sound reduction.

Other Services: Website Design – Website Management – Digital Marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Marketing Materials

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