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The Doomzday Turtle Project

Doomzday Turtle is a product line that a current client has revived back to life. We are in the early stages of this project with the logo design just being processed and finalized. We look forward to the next steps of website development and a marketing strategy being implemented.

Services we provide for Doomzday Turtle …

  • Logo Design
  • COMING SOON! Responsive Website Design
Doomzday Turtle lure logo

Logo Design

Here at Weicks Media there is one thing that we strongly believe in. Your brand/logo can make or break your business. It’s important to have a strong logo that you can stand behind as well as one that people can easily recognize or relate to. It will definitely make a difference in your business’ success.

When designing a logo – we like to keep it simple. There are too many designers/agencies out there that try to do too much with a brand or logo. With the Doomzday Turtle logo we wanted to make a first impression that is captivating but a logo that when you dissect the details it actually has a few unique features going on. The clients are super excited at the new direction of the brand and we are just as pleased with the final logo design that was chosen.

Doomzday Turtle lure logo

Client: Doomzday Turtle

Industry: Bass Fishing Lures

Company Summary: If you’re looking for a lure that guarantees more action, bigger fish, and more strikes, then let us introduce the Doomzday Turtle. It’s the lure bass simply can’t resist.

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