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FeraDyne Outdoors Project

FeraDyne has been a consistent client to Weicks Media since the beginning. FeraDyne Outdoors LLC has entrusted Weicks Media with all of their companies for digital marketing, web design, website management, and more.

With FeraDyne Outdoors LLC, Weicks Media did a complete overhaul on the website and everything that came along with it. Weicks Media takes pride in managing everything from analytics to social media postings.

Services we provide for FeraDyne Outdoors …

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Photography
FeraDyne Archery Company Website Designs

Website Design

FeraDyne is the World’s largest archery manufacturer. Their focus has never been heavy on direct to consumer sales, but they had a large need to develop quality websites for consumers.  This allowed the consumer to get information and purchase products if there wasn’t a retailer nearby. Weicks Media was tasked with not only rebuilding websites for their 18 brands but with rebuilding the FeraDyne site to be a host of all 900 plus SKUs they offer. In addition to that task, the site needed to have job opportunity postings and a series of specialized codes for each of FeraDynes partners to use when purchasing product. The new site has drastically cut time for the marketing team when placing sponsorship orders and has been very effective in saving the expense of finding new employees. In a matter of weeks, Weicks Media was able to develop a plan and layout to make FeraDyne’s site serve its purpose while being user-friendly and keeping the same feel as all the other 18 brands!


Social Media

Social media management can often be an overwhelming task for certain businesses to keep up with. Weicks Media took on the task for the world’s largest archery manufacturer. In today’s society, social media is the main source of new information on new products in many industries.

It is crucial for businesses to have a constant presence on these platforms to stay relevant to perspective customers. We are responsible for daily posts and answering direct messages on each platform. Our consistency has been rewarded with a higher following and larger reach.

FeraDyne Outdoors LLC trusts Weicks Media to be able to reach newer audiences with the younger generations. Tailoring to future customers, has kept their reputation of the world’s largest archery manufacturer in tact.

Rage Broadheads social media
Weicks Media Digital Marketing Agency
enhancing their

Digital Marketing

While a part of digital marketing is website, there is many other opportunities to capture clients digitally these days.  From social media to email marketing and strategically placed advertisements. Our goal is to inform new clients of the amazing hunting opportunities at NPO, as well re-engaging the past clientele to continue their patronage of NPO.  We conceptualize all newsletters and graphic advertisements throughout the year for NPO.

product and lifestyle


Anybody can take a photo these days with their phone, however is it captivating to engage your clients? We focus on providing our clients with professional photography services, placing their products in real time lifestyle photography. By placing consumers in these real life situations, it allows the consumer to make quicker decisions in buying the product.

Muzzy Broadhead apparel photo
Reports and Analytics for clients
understanding your

Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power and knowing what your website is doing for you is key to success when it comes to online marketing. We emphasis on keeping our clients up to date with their current standing when it comes to their marketing. We achieve this through our reporting and analytics.

Each month we discuss with our clients where their are currently at, what we project is possible in the upcoming months and what strategies should be implement for success. With the monthly communication we feel that our clients have a better grasp what currently happening, but as well they know what they are investing in.

FeraDyne Outdoors Logo

Client: FeraDyne Outdoors

Industry: Hunting Products

Company Summary: FeraDyne Outdoors LLC prides itself on being the manufacturer of leading brands such as Rage, Muzzy, Carbon Express, and IQ Bowsights. Along with many others, FeraDyne knows the hunting industry inside and out. Any of their companies can supply you with anything you need to have a successful hunting experience.

Other Services: Photography – Brochures – Business Cards – PPC/Adwords (Pay Per Click)

Website Address: http://feradyne.com/


Turn around time is second to none. As a busy company with 19 brands, we often have things that come up that need to be addressed right away. The Weick’s team has been great at meeting these needs and meeting them quickly!

Teri Quinn, FeraDyne Outdoors
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