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Shooter Project

Shooter 3D Archery Targets wanted to be able to have it’s own unique feel to their website and digital marketing. Weicks Media set out to redesign Shooter’s website and reach larger audiences on social media.

Services we provide for Shooter 3D Targets …

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Photography
Shooter buck website design and marketing

Website Design

Weicks Media began the build on the Shooter 3D website in April of last year. Setting up a quality website that matched the format of the Shooter’s sister brands was the focus but keeping the “feel” of shooter was the goal. Adding a grassy background to give customer’s that “backyard” feel was something that helps set the brand apart. Shooter only has 8 SKUS but the site still needed to be laid out properly so consumers could navigate easily and find the products they are looking for. Adding a Compare feature allows people to determine which products will fit their space and budget all in one simple glance. Each month, Weicks Media performs SEO work, builds landing pages, updates products with videos and information and changes a minimum of 2 sliders to keep the website fresh and looking its best!


Social Media

Shooter 3-D is a growing 3-D archery target brand with affordable targets. Their focus is to offer customers a full #BackYardRange for the cost of one of the competitor’s targets! It was tough to do that when you don’t have a great way of spreading the word. When Weicks Media took over Shooter 3Ds Social Media they had 1,700 followers and were reaching about 3,000 people per month. Since Weicks Media began, Shooter now has over 30,000 social media followers and reaches over 150,000 people per month. Weicks Media laid out a solid plan to engage fans and inform them about the Shooter targets. Through Social, Weicks Media found many people who owned Shooter targets but weren’t aware of the brand. Focusing on the fun of archery Weicks Media has been able to organically grow Shooters following and spread the word that they aren’t just an affordable target, they are great quality as well!

Shooter buck facebook and instagram digital marketing
Weicks Media Digital Marketing Agency
enhancing their

Digital Marketing

While a part of digital marketing is website, there is many other opportunities to capture clients digitally these days.  From social media to email marketing and strategically placed advertisements. Our goal is to inform new clients of the amazing hunting opportunities at  Shooter 3D Targets, as well re-engaging the past clientele to continue their patronage of  Shooter 3D Targets.  We conceptualize all newsletters and graphic advertisements throughout the year for Shooter 3D Targets.

understanding your

Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power and knowing what your website is doing for you is key to success when it comes to online marketing. We emphasis on keeping our clients up to date with their current standing when it comes to their marketing. We achieve this through our reporting and analytics.

Each month we discuss with our clients where their are currently at, what we project is possible in the upcoming months and what strategies should be implement for success. With the monthly communication we feel that our clients have a better grasp what currently happening, but as well they know what they are investing in.

Reports and Analytics for clients
product and lifestyle


Anyone has the ability take a photo these days by using their phone. However capturing images that are captivating to your clients takes a trained eye and quality equipment. We focus on providing our clients with professional photography services, placing their products in real time lifestyle situations. By visually placing consumers in these real life situations, it allows the consumer to make quicker decisions in to potentially buying your product. Great photography produces great results!

Shooter 3D Archery Targets logo

Client: Shooter

Industry: Targets

Company Summary: Shooter Archery Targets supplies every bow hunter with a wide variety of realistic and long-lasting targets. These targets can withstand the wrath of broadheads and field tips with repeated attempts. No matter what game you choose to hunt, Shooter Archery guarantees they have the target for you!

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