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Muzzy Broadhead Project

Muzzy Broadheads are just one of many FeraDyne brand products that we are in charge of handling their digital marketing for. While being at the top of the market in the broadhead industry their old website was not.

As part of the project for Muzzy we were responsible for upgrading their old website to a newer responsive website design on the Big Commerce platform. Along with the upgrade, we enhanced the marketing to be more interactive and engaging to their target audience.

Services we provide for Muzzy Broadheads …

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Photography
Muzzy Broadheads custom website design

Website Design

The old Muzzy Broadhead website was non-responsive, filled with out-dated photos, and clients struggled using the website to purchase products. Our goal for this redesign was to enhance the user experience, update the coding to accommodate mobile responsiveness, and overall bring unity to the branding standards.

The new site features areas for promotions, access to pro-staff & videos, and a thorough organization that ensure clients will be finding what they are looking for. Through this new website design upgrade we have noticed a 40% longer time spent on the site by clients and a dramatic increase in sales for the year.


Social Media

Keeping your social media platforms current can take a lot of work. However with the time you do put in, this WILL translate to success later down the road. As the younger generation grows into the market they bring their habits, which we all know include using social platforms for EVERYTHING!

With Muzzy Broadheads we are responsible for managing their social platforms. We take on the hard work of daily posts to answering direct messages for our client. The more interactive we have been with their followers has resulted in a stronger reach for our digital marketing.

Other social items we handle for Muzzy Broadheads are their Facebook ads, changing out their cover photos, post moderation and handling photo updates.

Muzzy Broadheads Social Media and Marketing
Weicks Media Digital Marketing Agency
enhancing their

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is crucial to the success of Muzzy Broadheads. We have been working in conjunction with the pro-staff and our own in house photographers to produce the most engaging graphics in the industry. With this combination and hard work, we have been able to capture audiences across the world, promoting how great the Muzzy brand is.

taking control of their

Website Management

The Muzzy Broadhead website is built on the BigCommerce platform. This platform has been set up and chosen for ease of use and ability for our clients to access when needed.

A part of our website management package we are responsible for updating the website with new and sale products, keeping track of inventory levels, updating pro-staff and when allocated working on the organic SEO.

website managment service agency
Reports and Analytics for clients
understanding your

Reporting & Analytics

Keeping informed about how marketing efforts and monies are spent is one component that makes Weicks Media different from other outdoor marketing agencies. Every month we coordinate with Muzzy Broadheads to review the past months growth and what is in store for the coming months. During this communication we establish future goals and conceptualize new marketing strategies. Through this we feel that our clients have a better understanding of what is going on and what their focus should be to continue to grow their business.

product and lifestyle


Photography is the key. If you are unable to showcase your product in a clean and professional manor, likely your sales are down or you are not grasping the clients attention. At Weicks Media we have professional photographers on hand to help ensure your photos are produced at the highest level possible. From product and apparel photos for the website, to showcasing the product in a wide variety of lifestyle photos.

Muzzy Broadhead apparel photo
Muzzy Broadheads logo

Client: Muzzy Broadheads

Industry: Archery Broadheads

Company Summary: Established in 1984, Muzzy has gained the title of number one in the industry for fixed-blade broadheads. With their wide range of broadheads and variety of products to choose from, Muzzy Broadheads has set the industry standard.

Other Services: Photography – PPC/Adwords (Pay Per Click)

Website Address:

Social Media Accounts: FacebookInstagramYouTube

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